Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Day 2 of ItsZara: How to apply foundation like a pro

3 Steps to picking your perfect foundation colour

1-Select 3 colours that are the closest match to your jawline – for this, hold each bottle against your jawline in a mirror. If possible to try a tester, apply some on the jawline. 
2- Once you picked 3, apply them in 3 stripes on the front of the chin – the one that almost disappears on the skin is very likely to be the perfect one. 
3-Apply foundation on one side of your face. When you are happy with the result, apply one the other side.

Using the right tools

Using the right tools can make a BIG difference. Applying with your hands uses more foundation and tends to rub it off of your skin. I prefer to use a brush rather than my hands or a sponge. Sponges, like your hands use more foundation up. It sucks up the foundation and has often takes the foundation off rather than on. If you use one, try dabbing it on rather than spreading it by rubbing.



And remember NEVER apply too much. It can make your face look cakey, oily and look unnatural. Also blend upward as not to stretch your skin and blend it on to your neck so there is no line where your foundation stops.

Stay healthy and love yourself 
Zara x

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