Thursday, 3 December 2015

Day 3 of ItsZara: Picture friendly makeup

The makeup you wear for every day life looks way different then makeup you wear for photos. This is because when taking photos, the flash from the camera will wash out 20% of your colour. So if your going to do your makeup for a photo shoot it should  look a lot more dramatic in real life then in the photo.  This is how to do your makeup so it looks incredible in pictures. 

1-foundation, concealer, and translucent powder.

-Mattify you face so that your skin looks smooth and even and gets rid of any shine.Use powder brush to blend it in.
-For the foundation use a foundation brush and  blend foundation evenly all over clean, moisturized skin.
-Conceal are around your nostrils, the shallow area underneath your eye and into any  lines around your mouth. Use a minimal amount of concealer and blend well.
-Top it off with a bit of translucent powder on any shinny areas such as the nose, forehead, chin, and under eyes. Do this by taping it on the areas lightly .Make sure not to look cakey.


Eyebrows add structure to your face and eyes there for it is very important to make sure you have well shaped eyebrows. Make sure to full them in using a brow pencil then highlight the curves using a light shimmery eyeshadow.


Using three colors (a neutral, a darker shade, and a highlighter) will make your eyes appear brighter and larger in pictures. Start by defying the shape of your eye by applying a darker of the shades the crease. Blend it out softly so it doesn't look to harsh. Apply highlighter in the inner corner of the eye so that you look more awake.


Eyeliner is great because it frames your eyes and also makes your lashes look fuller. You can apply this in many different ways. Pencils,brushes and gel or pens can be used for this. I prefer gel because I feel like I can really control where the line goes and get a flawless flick on the end. 

5-Get false eyelashes

False lashes are not a must but if you get them your lashes will appear more full. I would suggest getting them for the best results.

6-Contouring is Magic

 A diagram of how to contour and highlight. 

You can contour with cream or powder. I prefer using cream because you can control where it goes and really blend it nicely.


Use a lip brush and press the colour on to the lips. It gives you ultimate control and maximum coverage. Nude lipsticks are the most used on models because its a natural colour and goes with almost every makeup look.

And that is how to get flawless makeup for your photos.Hope this was helpful.Stay healthy and love yourself.
Zara x

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