Monday, 7 December 2015

Day 6 of Its Zara: Beauty trends of winter 2015-2016

Hey guys, its that time of year where we crack out the hot drinks and rap up all snug. Yes,its winter.  And best of all, its time for the bold lipsticks, eyeliners and cute hair and nails. Hear is what is hot in winter 2015-2016

Bold red, berry, purple and black lips with winged eyeliner. Keep the face looking natural. All the attention goes on to the lips.

These looks are more simple and natural. It is al about the flawless skin and plump lips. The 2nd one has more of a soft gold smokey look but other than that it is very natural.

Colour eyeliners are a big hit. They were available in 2014 but it is in 2015 that they have been seen a lot more on the runaway and in fashion magazines. 

These are the most popular hair colours and hair cuts of 2015.

Top nail colours of 2015. The colours are ether dark or nude making them match with almost anything you wear which is nice.

Any way those are some of the beauty trends of winter 2015. Hope this was helpful for those whiting to keep up with the trends. All pics are from Google Images.

Stay healthy and love yourself
Zara x

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